Mercy Flight Southeast wants you to know how the many ways to give can make giving easy and fiscally responsible. There’s even a way to do it without reducing your current available cash — plus — another way you can give and receive at the same time. Easy, painless, gratifying and tax deductible. What else could you ask?

Why We Need Your Help

There is no doubt we could not accomplish our mission without the generous in-kind donation of our pilot members. However, there are services and products that must be bought that are never free. Pilots and planes need airports, coordination and full-time administration — all of which takes time and money.

Remember, too, that Mercy Flight™ Southeast serves a five state region (FL, AL, GA, MS, SC) with a estimated population of 29.6 million residents, incurring significant expenses.

Our Impact and Fiscal Responsibility is on the Record

Mercy Flight is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that is proud of its record of service and prudent financial management. It has been extremely successful in leveraging resources to provide the maximum service to the residents of our five-state area of responsibility.

For every dollar of direct public support received, MFSE returns $5.00 of service back to the community (based on the value of pilots in-kind donations).

Less than 9% of our resources are spent on administration and fund raising costs combined. Please contact us for copies of MFSE’s audited financial statements and tax returns.

To get an even better idea of the value of our unique form of service, we encourage you to visit our operations center in Leesburg, Florida. We also allow interested individuals to fly along on missions on a space available basis. There is no better way to see the impact we make than to ride along and watch it in action.